Traditionally styled, new build farmhouse

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Traditionally styled, new build farmhouse

Following a gruelling 4-year approval process, this beautiful, traditionally styled, new build farmhouse in Somerset is the dream home of the Gordon family. 

“Originally, this land was just fields and after we purchased it, we faced numerous challenges on style before finally getting approval for our new family home” Mr Gordon explains.

To assist with the designs for the new abode, Mr Gordon brought a locally renowned architect on board to assist with styling the exterior, while the homeowners had a much more hands on role in designing the interior to ensure it suited their family and way of living. “We wanted a traditional farmhouse that did not have the usual pitfalls of an older structure”. 

“For the construction of the home, we specified a local builder and he recommended Mumford & Wood to us for the windows and doors” Mr Gordon explains. 

“He has Mumford & Wood’s products installed in his own home and specifies them for a number of his other clients; you really can’t get a higher recommendation than that from someone in the trade!” 

To suit the traditional farmhouse aesthetic that the Gordon’s wanted to achieve, timeless engineered timber sash and casement windows in a classic formation were the logical choice. Every detail of the façade of the home was chosen with local architecture in mind, ensuring that the farmhouse was of an appropriate style to its rural setting. The new sash windows, casement windows and French doors are therefore of a similar style to neighbouring properties, helping the Gordon’s satisfy the conditions set out by the planning committee. 

“Overall, we are delighted with how the project has turned out, it has been a long road and the build took 18 months to complete, but we are finally there. The new windows and doors are fantastic, and we couldn’t be happier with them!” Mr Gordon concludes. 

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