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Established in 1954 Mumford & Wood has since become the UK’s premier manufacturer of high quality timber windows and doors.

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Recognised within the industry as market leaders, Mumford & Wood has built a well-earned reputation amongst architects, developers and aspirational home owners for products of outstanding quality. All our wooden windows and doors are proudly made in our Tiptree factory using time-served craftsmanship and state of the art technology, using the finest quality wood.

Learn more about our Our Conservation™ timber windows and timber doors and see why we're the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of wooden windows and doors.

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Take a look at our manufacturing processes. All production is carried out in Tiptree, Essex, UK.

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Recent Case Studies


Essex Home Renovation

Mrs Burgoyne is the proud owner of this beautiful Essex home, and shortly following her purchase of the property, has undertaken a large extension and renovation project to put her stamp on the new abode.

“The previous owner had the house for 60 years, so when it came to us, we felt it needed a full renovation and also saw the opportunity to increase its size at the back” Mrs Burgoyne explains.

The home is from the Victorian era, and when the Burgoyne’s began drawing up plans and designs for the works to be undertaken, a local conservation officer got in touch as the property is located in what was described by the officer as “an area of local interest”.

To assist with the various works that needed undertaking, an architect was brought on board by the Burgoynes. As the family were looking for new windows within the renovation, as well as for the new extension at the rear, Mumford & Wood were put forward by the architect.

“We explored a number of options for the windows, including looking at some local companies as well as considering a plastic alternative, but ultimately, we preferred the Mumford & Wood products.”

Given the location of the home, timber was also suggested to be the material of preference by the conservation officer, and so the Burgoynes felt confident in moving forward with the Mumford & Wood range.

At the rear of the home, the new, modern extension has merged seamlessly with the front; traditional features and the period façade have been retained for the authentic Victorian appearance.

Beautiful flush casement windows, including a number of bays and French doors from Mumford & Wood’s Conservation range were specified across the home in a timeless shade of White.

“We have been very impressed with the traditional styling of the new windows and doors from Mumford & Wood, I especially like the new bay windows!” Mrs Burgoyne comments.

“Since their installation and the renovation works have been completed, we have received so many positive comments from friends and neighbours regarding the house and the new windows!”


New Build Family Home, Essex

On the site of this beautiful family home tucked away in the rural Essex countryside was previously an unused farm and cattle shed.

Mr & Mrs Mason bought the plot in 2012 with the view of converting a tired, old farm into something spectacular for their family. “From the very beginning of the project and what feels like ever since, we have had a torrid time overcoming objections from the local council regarding every stage of our project. It took us quite a while initially to gain approval for the build”, Mrs Mason explains.

To help design their dream home, the Masons brought an architect on board to assist with the plans and drawings. As this was their first project of this kind, having a locally renowned architect on board was essential in providing advice and expertise and gaining approval from the local council.

The land has now been completely transformed, the former farm now replaced with a beautifully proportioned, and excellently styled home, with a generously sized garden for their 5 dogs.   

As the Masons had the luxury of designing their home from scratch, Mrs Mason ensured that her new home featured sash windows. “I’ve always loved sash windows, so this house had to have them!”

Luckily, the project’s architect knew precisely where the Masons should turn to for their new windows. “The architect told us, ‘If you want sash windows, then they have to come from Mumford & Wood, no one else can compare.’ Based on that firm recommendation, we felt confident in turning to Mumford & Wood.”

It has now been 8 years since the sash windows were installed in the home, but as Mrs Mason describes “I love the sash windows, they are just as good now as they were from day 1.”

Multiple sets of French doors to the rear of the property as well as a stunning front door complete the look of the new home. The windows and doors did not go unnoticed in the local neighbourhood either as Mrs Mason explains “The front door gives the house a softer look which we were aiming for, and our neighbour even came over to tell us the exact same thing!”

The property also has a guest annex, but with windows and doors sourced from a separate supplier. “One of our biggest regrets was not using Mumford & Wood for the annex. In hindsight, we would have done this in a heartbeat as the windows just do not compare to Mumford & Wood.”

As the Mason’s children have now grown up and have various commitments with work and university, the Masons are exploring the idea of possibly moving to Somerset in the future to downsize. “If we do make that move one day, it will be straight back to Mumford & Wood for the windows there as well!”


Stunning new build home, Kent Countryside

Situated on a private estate deep in the Kent countryside, this stunning new build property has replaced the original house on the grounds, and is the culmination of Mr and Mrs Cummings’ dedication and meticulous attention to detail over the past 2 years.

“We purchased the original 3-bedroom house on the site, and moved out of London to buy it. For a time, we lived in the old house, but then moved out for 15 months while the demolition and rebuild commenced” Mrs Cummings explains.

With the clear vision of how they wanted their new home to look from the beginning, Mr and Mrs Cummings brought an architect on board to assist with the drawings and fine details of the build to ensure they were to their exact specifications. For the works, locally renowned construction firm ‘Glenn Lines’ were specified. Holding a very high reputation in the area, the company benefit greatly from word-of-mouth recommendations and were ideal for their vision.

“From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to have sash windows in the new home. Once our builder saw the drawings from our architect, he said the sash windows had to come from Mumford & Wood” Mrs Cummings comments.

She goes on to elaborate “he told us at the time that Mumford & Wood’s sash windows were the best in terms of both quality and appearance, and they are worth investing in for that added quality”.

With this recommendation, Mrs Cummings’ felt confident in specifying Mumford & Wood for her new home. Throughout the property, beautiful Georgian style sash windows feature, as well as an impressive new front door. To the rear of the property, large sets of French doors maximise natural light flowing into the house, as well as the views and connection to the family’s generously sized garden.

“We are delighted that the new windows and doors have lived up to the high expectations set by our builder”.

Over the years, Mumford & Wood have proudly partnered with Chilstone on a variety of projects across the country. Chilstone are manufacturers of beautiful architectural stonework and ornaments, and their expert craft can also be seen across the face of the Cummings’ home. Impressive pillars adorning the new front door as well as intricate stonework and detailing have further enhanced the façade of the property and paid respect to its Georgian inspiration.  

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