Private residence in countryside

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Private residence in countryside

Set within 5 acres of private land, Mrs Jarvis is the proud owner of this beautiful family home in the quiet Essex countryside. The property has a long history, beginning in 1903 when it replaced the original 18th century house on the site. Over the years, it has been extended and refurbished, and was previously part of the Merryweather Estate, a former banker from the Bank of England.  

After purchasing the home 3 years ago, it was Mrs Jarvis’ goal to extensively renovate and refurbish the home, bringing it into the modern day, while still paying respect to its heritage. Despite not being in a conservation area, achieving a traditional look was imperative to Mrs Jarvis. “A lot of the new detailing matches the original house such as the brickwork, lime mortar, guttering etc” Mrs Jarvis explains.

Therefore, when plans were drawn up for the windows to be replaced, timber emerged as the most appropriate option. “We were advised from the beginning that the house really needed wooden windows and a plastic alternative wouldn’t be appropriate”.

A trusted family friend, also a property developer recommended Mumford & Wood as a preferred supplier of high-quality timber windows and so, when the architect was brought on for the project, Mrs Jarvis specified the Mumford & Wood range. “James from Mumford & Wood has been our surveyor for the entire project. He has given us great advice and really knows the project which has been very helpful”. 

Mrs Jarvis has managed this refurbishment project herself, with her meticulous attention to detail ensuring that everything is both of the highest quality and appropriate for the home’s heritage and architecture. Comprehensive plans and blueprints were drawn up, extensively detailing how the finished project will look. 

It is quite often the case for projects of this scale to be undertaken in stages to allow for planning and budgeting. The first phase of this refurbishment began in 2017. Currently, the Jarvis’ are on phase 5! This includes an extension of the kitchen as well as a new patio. Mumford & Wood have been specified for these latest works, ensuring the whole house features traditionally styled, engineered timber windows and doors.

When describing her experience of using Mumford & Wood for her family home, Mrs Jarvis comments “They’re the best window people around, and happen to only be just down the road!”. Flush casement windows and entrance doors were installed across the property and once the latest renovations are completed, additional windows and French doors will be installed, completing this modern, yet traditional home renovation project.

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