Jargon busting - shaped windows

    It can be confusing when faced with window jargon. This helpful guide runs through the terms used for all window shapes

    Planning stipulations to consider

    What are the common considerations in planning when you live in a conservation area or have a listed building?

    What timber Sash window should I chose?

    It can be confusing understanding the differences between a Box and Spring Sash window, and what would work best in your property

    How to have a warmer winter

    If you long for a warm and cosy home this winter, consider how timber windows and doors could make all the difference

    Does nature influence your product choice?

    Nature themes can be found in the earliest human structures and for years designers have been trying to understand which aspects of nature impact our satisfaction the most...

    Most popular timber windows

    We have seen an uptake in demand for timber windows designed to replace old, inefficient products. The most common enquiry we receive is for timber box sash windows.

    Top reasons why you should chose timber windows

    Read why timber is the right material for your new windows and doors

    Window colour trends 2022 / 2023

    We see a lot of colours come in and out the factory, and with over 40,000 paint colours for customers to choose from, the choice could be almost endless.

    Maintaining the Quality of your timber windows and doors: Care and Maintenance Tips

    There are many things to consider when maintaining your timber windows and doors. The below information should offer some helpful advice, however if you have any queries regarding your specific product then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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