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Wood for Timber Windows and Doors

Wooden Windows by Mumford & Wood

Mumford & Wood have been manufacturing high quality wood windows and doors from our Tiptree factory since 1954.

Wood Windows made to last

At Mumford & Wood we use Engineered Siberian Larch (a European softwood) in our standard specification for all our timberwindows and doors. Because of its very slow growth it produces timber that has tight growth rings. The closeness of the annual growth rings means it is a very dense material which is naturally durable and able to meet the extremely testing UK climatic conditions. Our Siberian Larch, has a density of more than 600 kg/m³ and needs no further treatment to resist fungal or insect decay.

All timber framing is meticulously prepared for painting by state of the art machinery before the initial primer coat and then in between the two top finishing coats; attention to detail is also offered by hand at this stage by skilled operatives to ensure a perfect finish is achieved.

We use a dry, internally glazed, drained and vented system. Every single double glazed unit that we use is inspected up close on a light box by our experienced glaziers to ensure that our customers’ high demand for quality is way above the standard that generally exists where imperfections invisible from 3 meters away are deemed acceptable.

Double glazed Timber Window Specifications

All double glazed wood window units receive 13mm coverage in an 18mm rebate leaving 5mm airspace around the unit; this space is then vented to allow drainage and airflow in accordance with the Glass and Glazing Federation requirements which allows us to offer a full 10 year warranty to our double glazed units.

Wooden Window Specialists

Since 1954, Mumford & Wood have been producing high quality timber windows and doors which are often specified by top architects on a range of projects in the UK and beyond.

Our Conservation™ timber windows and timber doors have been designed to not only look stunning, but also perform to the exact requirements of demanding architects. preservation societies, planning authorities and, of course, the end users. Our timber windows and doors provide excellent performance for both contemporary and traditional applications which is why many top architects specify Mumford & Wood in their projects.

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Timber Windows

High quality wood is used in all our timber windows and doors

The Conservation™ Range of Timber Windows & Doors

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