The Factory

The Factory

Quality British Craftsmanship Since 1954

Mumford & Wood’s manufacturing facility in Tiptree, Essex extends to over 3,000 m² and regularly undergoes investment in new plant and equipment.

State-of-the-art computer controlled machinery has enabled Mumford & Wood to automate the most straightforward manual work. In turn this has allowed their craftsmen and women to channel their efforts to more skilled work, where hand finishing makes a real difference to quality and longevity.

The Weinig Opticut Crosscut machine removes defects and knots in the timber, optimising the remainder, while the Weinig Powermat 1200 moulder and Stegherr scribing and notching machines together create the elegant and beautiful profiles and mouldings for which the brand is synonymous.

In addition the fully automated Homag Profiline provides an alternative manufacturing process for the individual component parts to be assembled into a complete sash or frame.

Given consistent growth, a confident order book and increased output of the Conservation range, the decision to update, improve and replace demonstrates Mumford & Wood’s ambitions for the future.

For those who are interested in seeing how the Mumford & Wood facility works in practice, the Tiptree Factory Tour provides a fascinating insight. This one-hour long visit will take visitors through the processes of timber selection and preparation, moulding of profiles, frame and sash assembly to painting, glazing, hand finishing and wrapping.

To find out more and to book your places, just call us on 01621 818155.

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