We know that our customers are expecting to receive a premium product that is second to none when it comes to performance, aesthetics and longevity; at Mumford & Wood Ltd we only use the best quality, highest performance materials and methods to maintain the standards we have set within our industry and our position as Market Leaders.


Achieving high performance windows that will look good for years to come requires the use of premium grade materials; at Mumford & Wood engineered timber takes centre stage. We only use the best clear grade timber, this provides superior strength, stability and a knot-free finish – qualities for which our Conservation™ range is renowned. Engineered substrates will improve security, provide greater thermal performance, comfort and acoustics, and remain looking good for longer.
Mumford & Wood Ltd has been at the forefront of development and set a benchmark in design and manufacture using engineered timber sections for windows and doors and we are well ahead of those using solid sections.

In creating our laminated sections, heartwood is scanned for defects; a computerised action that identifies resin pockets and knots which are then removed. The remaining clear parts are then finger jointed and glued in six metre lengths to create top quality, clear grade timber. Today’s engineering techniques leave all the wood that is not used in the country of origin where it is recycled at source. Certificated timber used by Mumford & Wood is the most renewable, sustainable material on the planet.
Independent tests have proven that an engineered component is 60% stronger than a piece of solid wood of the same size and ensures stability and overcomes the risk of misshape. Our timber components are purchased direct from European suppliers and we even specify the grain direction for each and every section of timber that we use. This significantly improves stability, visual appearance and the performance of the paint finish.

At Mumford & Wood we use Engineered Siberian Larch (a European softwood) in our standard specification. Because of its very slow growth it produces timber that has tight growth rings. The closeness of the annual growth rings means it is a very dense material which is naturally durable and able to meet the extremely testing UK climatic conditions. Our Siberian Larch, has a density of more than 600 kg/m³ and needs no further treatment to resist fungal or insect decay unlike our competitors using lower density European Redwood at 510 kg/m² which is classified as non-durable and must be treated with a preservative to give it longevity. 

Ideally the moisture content of the timber when received into the manufacturing environment should be no less than 12% and not more than 18%. The factory environment is vitally important as the relative humidity should be controlled to ensure the condition of the timber during the whole manufacturing process. At Mumford & Wood’s state-of-the-art Tiptree based manufacturing facility the atmosphere is controlled to ensure that the moisture content of the timber sits comfortably within these limits at all times. The inability to do this could result in severe movement (swelling or shrinking) of the finished product when it is delivered to site.
All Mumford & Wood products are manufactured using FSC® (C110183) certified timber and can be specified for Chain of Custody.


At Mumford & Wood we offer a fully finished, three coats, spray applied, water based, micro-porous finishing system.
A micro porous finish allows the timber to ‘breath’, the timber we use for our products has a moisture content which is between 12 – 18% and our factory humidity is controlled to ensure this. Once our windows and doors have been delivered to site and installed they are subjected to the ever changing climatic changes we experience here in the UK. When the air is very humid the timber will take on moisture and when it is very dry the timber will let go of moisture hence the term ‘breathing’, the micro porous system allows the timber to do this without damage to the surface coating.

All timber framing is meticulously prepared for painting by state of the art machinery before the initial primer coat and then in between the two top finishing coats; attention to detail is also offered by hand at this stage by skilled operatives to ensure a perfect finish is achieved.

Our products are supplied finished with a choice of different colours; typically in RAL 9003 Signal White but our customers may choose from the RAL Classic swatch or even specify a bespoke colour for us to match. We are able to offer a ‘dual finish’ where different colours are desired internally and externally or a ‘mixed finish’ where frames are specified to be contrasting to sashes.

Glass Units and Glazing System

We use a dry, internally glazed, drained and vented system.
Every single double glazed unit that we use is inspected up close on a light box by our experienced glaziers to ensure that our customers’ high demand for quality is way above the standard that generally exists where imperfections invisible from 3 meters away are deemed acceptable.
All double glazed units receive 13mm coverage in an 18mm rebate leaving 5mm airspace around the unit; this space is then vented to allow drainage and airflow in accordance with the Glass and Glazing Federation requirements which allows us to offer a full 10 year warranty to our double glazed units.
All glazing tapes are stored at the correct temperature and every piece of glass is scrupulously cleaned prior to glazing, we then apply an activator that reacts with the glazing tapes to ensure that we maintain the correct adhesion to achieve our products high performance levels.

Where glazing bars are specified we employ an applied bar system that allows us to offer a versatile range of period style glazing bars. The external bars are properly jointed to the sash in the traditional way while the double glazed unit is offered in from the inside with a corresponding bar configuration within the cavity of the unit. The internal glazing bar is then produced as a one piece internal cassette, pre fixed to the internal perimeter beading resulting in a high performance, secure and aesthetically pleasing glazed sash.
Our double glazed units are available at 12mm, 14mm and 24mm and by varying the depth of the internal cassette; our product allows us to offer all of these along with a range of internal mouldings and glazing bars with no variation to the external appearance.
The default high performance glazing specification for the Conservation™ range is a 24mm double glazed unit comprising 4mm toughened: 16mm Argon filled cavity: 4mm toughened Planitherm Total Plus - please refer to the product section for U values and performance for each window and door type as we are able to offer a range of different glass specifications depending on your requirements be it acoustic, thermal or aesthetic

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The Conservation™ Range of Timber Windows & Doors

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