Mumford & Wood receives ISO 50001 certification

Mumford & Wood receives ISO 50001 certification

Suitable for implementation by businesses across all sectors, the ISO 50001 Energy Management standard is a business wide commitment to improve energy use, through the implementation of an energy management system.  Mumford & Wood is proud to announce that as a result of a company-wide audit, from manufacturing all the way through to after care, we have been accredited ISO 50001 by the International Organisation for Standardisation. Climate change is of great concern globally with more and more being done to reduce single-use plastic waste, energy consumption and increase alternative, eco-friendly forms of fuel for example. Adopting the ISO 50001 standard of continual improvement, as seen with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) which Mumford & Wood also adheres to, demonstrates that the company is deeply committed to high levels of quality along with environmentally friendly practices. New policies are being developed to allow for even more efficient use of energy and sets targets and objectives by which this policy will be enforced. As with other ISO standards, this is based on a ‘Plan - Do – Check – Act’ basis. Working on a continual measurement and reviewal process, this ensures that Mumford & Wood is dedicated to continually improving its energy management over time and will always look at new ways to reduce its carbon footprint.  Adopting an ISO 50001 policy is not obligatory and thus meeting these strict criteria further demonstrates both the understanding that the Mumford & Wood team has about its own impact on the climate; and its dedication to improving its energy efficiency across every aspect of the business activities.  If you would like further information about ISO 50001 or the other standards governed by ISO, you can visit their website HERE.

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