Mumford & Wood Apprenticeships: Alfie – Level 2 Joinery and Carpentry

Mumford & Wood Apprenticeships: Alfie – Level 2 Joinery and Carpentry

Alfie joined the Mumford & Wood team two years ago when he was offered a place to complete a Level 2 Joinery and Carpentry apprenticeship.  He originally heard of this opportunity at his local college and education centre, “I attended Colchester Institute to gain inspiration for my future career as I was unsure on what I wanted to do. I come from a family who have worked in similar industries, with my Dad working in construction and I have always enjoyed subjects such as Woodwork and Design Technology. When I heard about this opportunity at Mumford & Wood, I knew that this was going to be a career I would enjoy.”  After being offered a place, Alfie was given a Level 2 NVQ training programme to follow. “I was immediately given my own work space on the factory floor and was mentored by my other colleagues right from the start. I never felt that I was on my own and was always encouraged to ask questions if I didn’t understand something.”  “I really enjoy the social aspect of the job; I was accepted into the team right from the start and was made to feel incredibly welcome.”  “At Mumford & Wood, no day is the same, it’s everchanging and constantly busy which is what makes it so exciting, as you’re getting to learn new skills and techniques with each job that comes in.”   “I feel as though my biggest achievement since working at Mumford & Wood is passing my apprenticeship, as it has enabled me to find a career and company that I love. Moving forward, I am most looking forward to working on larger scale projects and expanding my knowledge and experience even further.  Alfie feels he has gained more confidence since beginning his apprenticeship with Mumford & Wood and would recommend the course to those who are considering a career in joinery and carpentry.  “If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to get your head down and get your work completed quickly, you will thank your future self in the long run!” 

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