Mumford and Wood Announce their Carbon Neutral Organisation Status

Mumford and Wood Announce their Carbon Neutral Organisation Status

As a manufacturer using primarily natural materials, it only seems right that we focus on being environmentally responsible, and we play our part in looking after our fragile environment.

As part of this responsibility, we set ourselves a goal to become a carbon neutral company by 2030, a target we felt was realistic having experienced challenges throughout the pandemic and by Brexit.

Well, by 2022 we made it! 8 years earlier than planned, and we believe ahead of most (if not all) of our UK timber window and door manufacturing competitors.

So how have we achieved our goal of being Carbon Neutral so quickly?

Last year we commissioned Carbon Footprint™ to conduct a full annual audit of the firm, our business practices and travel to reduce our carbon footprint.

They helped us to make small changes that have made a big difference.

Our sales force now only use hybrid cars and we continue to employ as many local people as possible, reducing emissions from staff that commute to our offices. We also continually review the green credentials of our manufacturing machinery and is a huge consideration for any new purchase.

However, having made changes to our own company we decided we wanted to do more.

As a UK based manufacturer working with timber each day, it made sense for us to source an environmental scheme that relates to our world. So every Window and Door customer project we completed in 2020 we pledged to plant a tree native to our country, within the UK.

Our customers can also pledge an unlimited number of trees through our scheme. They can even plant trees in the region where they live for a real local feel good factor.

Although UK based, we source the majority of our wood from overseas, so to help offset any transportation emissions we decided to work with the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project to aid deforestation issues in Indonesia. We have also contributed to a verified carbon standard reduction project in the Amazon, Brazil, offsetting around 350 tonnes of CO2 in 2021 alone.

However, we won’t be stopping there. We have set ourselves a new goal – to be Carbon Neutral Plus by 2030.

Our ambitious goal includes further energy efficiency projects involving our waste materials, transportation and biofuel/fully electric options

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