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Managing your project

Mumford & Wood will happily and ably assist you at every stage of your project, endeavouring to make the process of ordering as easy and stress free as possible; the reason that so many of our customers come back to us and recommend us time and again. At the heart of our business are knowledgeable, engaging individuals and teams that have your complete satisfaction in mind in everything they do. The process stages you can expect your project to follow with us are set out below.


There are two main options for making an enquiry with Mumford & Wood. You can use our handy tool here to find your area expert, and give them a call; they will be delighted to talk through your project and advise you accordingly. Alternatively, you are welcome to send your architectural drawings, sketches, photographic references or window schedules to us by email, post or fax (details here), in which case we will acknowledge receipt of them immediately, advising you who your area representative is and aim to return a free, comprehensive quotation within 7 working days


All our items are made individually to suit your requirements, therefore to ensure we fully understand your project, we will be only too happy to visit you and discuss the vast options we can offer. Our visit may come before or after an order is placed, or we may visit on more than one occasion as required to cover all the details.

Depending on how your project is being managed, we will gladly deal directly with the homeowner, architect, developer, project manager, contractor, interior designer or any other party involved.

We can also offer a site survey to capture a full report.

Materials & The Environment

We specialise in only timber window and door products; timber stands as the only truly green material with the huge advantage that it can be naturally replaced. Recent studies show that timber windows are carbon negative; converting this timber into products while replanting more trees than before ensures carbon is locked away for the life of the tree and resulting products.

Mumford & Wood are hugely committed to sustainable sourcing, with all timber being FSC certified. Chain of Custody is available on request for all products. We work to the stringent terms and standards required by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Timber Window Accreditation scheme (TWA).

Our products are made from engineered timber, a technically advanced approach to the use of wood in modern day applications. Layers of wood are laid with the grain in opposing directions to allow the timber to move whilst being countered by the grain of neighbouring sections, creating an exceptionally strong, rigid material that simply cannot stick, warp or twist – it is warping and twisting from water ingress in timber windows of old that used to cause the failure of windows and doors to open properly; those days are gone with Mumford & Wood products.

The timbers we opt to use for our ranges are:

  • Siberian Larch - Laminated knot-free (clear grade) sourced from Europe. A premium quality timber offering natural durability, strength and a superb surface for paint adhesion.
  • European Redwood - Selected for its tight grain, and sourced from colder northern regions.
  • Douglas Fir - Knot-free (clear grade), sourced from North America and Canada.
  • Hardwood - Used for cill sections
  • European engineered Oak (client choice)

Making it Happen

Our Processing team will spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring that every single detail of your requirements are captured, to reach a point where you are happy to sign off your order as final. This all important stage means that the order is ready to go into manufacturing, and we will be able to advise you of your expected delivery date; typical production lead time from sign off is 6 weeks although this can vary with demand.

PLEASE NOTE: The lead time quoted to you at time of order only commences once sign off has been received on both the Order Acknowledgement and Order Confirmation documents.

Your chosen materials, accessories and options will all begin to come together in the hands of our skilled craftspeople and our industry leading machinery within our state-of-the-art facilities, through the various stages of construction, paint application and glazing until they are ready for their final inspection and packaging for transport.

You are very welcome to visit our facilities by appointment at any stage during consultation or even to see your actual items being manufactured; alternatively we also have an exhibit of items on an unattended permanent display at The Building Centre in London where you can browse at your leisure or we will gladly meet with you there.


In line with your schedule of manufacture, we will contact you in good time prior to your expected delivery date to make mutually agreeable arrangements. We have a dedicated Logistics team that will ensure your products arrive with you in perfect condition.

Customer Feedback

It’s important for us to understand what we’re doing well and which areas can continue to be improved. We have an excellent record when it comes to customer satisfaction, with 100% of all customers stating that they would use Mumford & Wood again, and would recommend us to others. Upon completion of your order, we will write to you with a simple feedback form, asking you to score us on a number of factors and give us any thoughts you may have – it is probably said far too often these days, but we really do value every piece of feedback we receive, so we’ll be extremely grateful for your time on this.

Aftercare, Warranties & Life Expectancy

We always aim for perfection first time, but as we’re sure you can appreciate, on occasions there is the need to revisit an order, and you can be assured that we will apply the same level of priority to any such need as we do to dealing with the original order.

Our standard product warranties are:

  • 30 years on timber
  • 10 years on glazing, ironmongery and seals
  • 10 years on a paint finish
  • 5 years on a stain finish

Only the very best slow grown and durable timber is used in our products, and we expect them to give at least 60 years of satisfactory service provided our recommended maintenance schedules are adhered to.

Case Studies

Appreciating the beauty of our windows, doors and garden rooms as they leave the factory is one thing but true satisfaction comes from seeing them used in their final destination of a lovely home or property.

We are very lucky in that so many of our customers agree to us visiting their finished properties with our professional photographer and give us an insight into the thoughts and feelings that went into their project. These case studies and photos aid us in continuing to promote our products and show other prospective customers what we’re capable of creating. In doing so, we endeavour to cause minimal disruption and avoid outstaying our welcome. We can also accommodate any request for anonymity in terms of geographic location or other details, as we’ve dealt with very many sensitive and private projects in our past case studies too.

We hope you won’t mind us asking and of course it is entirely your decision whether you agree to this or not.

Tell a Friend

As with feedback, your satisfaction is important and we want you to be so happy that you’ll be proud to show off our range of products in your property and tell all your friends where they came from. A large proportion of our business is return custom from architects, developers and interior designers as well as being from word of mouth.

The Conservation™ Range of Timber Windows & Doors

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