Mumford & Wood Heritage™ Range

Casement Windows


At Mumford & Wood we offer a fully finished, three coat, spray applied, water based, micro-porous finishing system.

A micro porous finish allows the timber to ‘breath’, the timber we use for our products has a moisture content which is between 12 – 18 % and our factory humidity is controlled to ensure this. Once our windows and doors have been delivered to site and installed they are subjected to the constant changes in climate and humidity we experience here in the UK. When the air is very humid the timber will take on moisture and when it is very dry the timber will let go of moisture hence the term ‘breathing’, the micro porous system allows the timber to do this without damage to the surface coating. As long as the integrity of the coating is protected – the timber beneath will be too.

All timber framing is meticulously prepared for painting by state of the art machinery before the initial primer coat and then in between the two top finishing coats; attention to detail is also offered by hand at this stage by skilled operatives to ensure a perfect finish is achieved.

Our products are supplied finished with a wide choice of different colours;

RAL Classic Range

Typically in RAL 9003 Signal White but our customers may choose from the RAL Classic swatch.

Colour Matching Service

On request we are able to offer a colour matching service i.e. Farrow & Ball.

Dual Colour Finish

We are able to offer a ‘dual finish’ where different colours are desired internally and externally or a ‘mixed finish’ where frames are specified to be contrasting to sashes.

Stain Finish

Our products are also available finished with a pigmented stain in a variety of shades to suit your requirements.

The Heritage™ Range of Timber Windows & Doors

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