New Cavendish Street, London


Built in 1888 by architect W. Henry White and now owned and managed by The Howard de Walden Estate, this historic building on New Cavendish Street has been extensively refurbished and rejuvenated thanks to the Conservation Range at Mumford & Wood. 

The Howard de Walden estate can be traced back to the early 1700s, with well-established connections to the Marylebone area. The estate has a long-standing presence in the community; restoring buildings, investing in local businesses and focusing primarily on four main sectors; Residential, Office, Medical and Retail. 

The refurbishment project on New Cavendish Street means this historic, self-contained building is now available for commercial rent and accommodation with a specific focus on the clerical and medical sectors. 

The Howard de Walden Estate had a desire to replace the windows like-for-like to retain its important Georgian heritage and ensure consistency with other buildings in the Marylebone area. Grand sash windows, some with arched tops and all with conservation ‘Dentil’ style mouldings have been installed across the building as well as replacement casement windows on the top floor. All have been specified in White, again replicating the originals and preserving the building’s celebrated architecture. 

These traditional like-for-like replacement windows ensure that the building retains the traditional character that can be seen throughout Marylebone, while adding the modern-day benefits that come with new windows from Mumford & Wood, such as increased security, improved heat retention and easy sliding windows that do not twist or warp.

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