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How do you select the type of external door that best suits your home? Why is it normally necessary to have a front door made-to-order?

In the first place, the best advice is to always replace an entrance door with a style that suits the architectural period of your home because first impressions count. To do otherwise could reduce aesthetic appeal which in turn could affect the value of your property at time of sale.

Mumford & Wood offer made-to-order entrance door designs in every architectural style, with or without glazing, fanlights, fixed glazed side panels, to Top Tips from Mumford Woodsuit your property. Modern trends include etched street numbers and house names on glazed panels, even in traditional designs.

Using only sustainably sourced, engineered timber with raised and fielded panels, Mumford & Wood’s entrance doors are strong and durable and, well maintained, have an expected life of 60+ years. Security is paramount and Conservation™ doors are Secured by Design (SBD), the UK police flagship initiative which aims to design-out crime and requires that products must meet challenging test criteria before they can carry SBD certification.

How do windows and doors affect the value of your home?

As good quality timber windows and doors play an important role in the thermal performance of a home, and especially the part they play in the overall aesthetics of the property, it is important to choose the very best fenestration products and systems your budget will allow. Few would argue that the street presentation of the house is the biggest selling feature and nothing adds more to this than well designed, good quality windows and doors. Good looking fenestration can easily sway potential buyers from the very first glance and it will pay dividends to spend as much as your budget will allow. Finally poor quality windows and doors will let you down and if you are targeting top end purchasers they will immediately admire great fenestration.

Do you offer warranties?

Mumford & Wood offer market-leading warranties from date of delivery:

A climate guideline chart is also available in the Mumford & Wood Site Instruction, Aftercare Manual and Warranty, or visit for a free download, which helps customers to identify the ideal location of the product in the building envelope and its exposure to moderate, harsh and extreme conditions and also how the product and finishes can be expected to perform in each environment.

Top Tips from Mumford & Wood


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