Roy Wakeman Presents the TIA Timber Manifesto

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Roy Wakeman, chairman of the Timber Industry Accord (TIA), presented: ‘Timber: Growing our Low-Carbon Economy’, a manifesto document produced by the TIA. 


This manifesto, whole heartedly received by a united audience, underpins the fabulous credentials of timber and the immense potential of this industry, from forestry through to product manufacturers, to contribute to growth in the UK economy and improved sustainability, not only in the UK but world-wide.

“As a timber sector we have always been at the heart of the economy, providing the earliest tools to ensure our survival, through to building the boats that enabled us to explore the world, to today and the cutting edge engineered products that this fantastic material provides.  Our nation has a heart of Oak!  But a strong tradition does not make us old fashioned and around the world there is a growing realisation that timber is not the past, but the future,” says Wakeman, OBE, chairman of The Performance Timber Products Group, the parent company of Mumford & Wood Limited, Timber Windows and Dale Windows.

Mumford & Wood design and manufacture bespoke, period-style fenestration systems.  These timber Conservation™ windows and doors deliver award-winning aesthetics and exceptional levels of thermal and acoustic performance which contribute towards reduced environmental impact.  The company is a founding member of the Wood Window Alliance.

Download a copy of The Timber Industry, Growing our Low-Carbon Economy manifesto by the TIA.

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