New Website for Mumford & Wood

New website for Mumford & Wood

Mumford & Wood, the renowned manufacturer of Britain’s Finest Timber Windows and Doors™ has launched a new website

New Website Features

The site features extensive production information across the entire Conservation™ range from materials, construction techniques and finishes, to performance, industry standards, accreditations and smart brochure downloads.

“The design and content responds to research undertaken when we took a large sample of our customer base, which is heavily biased towards architects, and asked them what they really wanted to see and how we could make improvements that would help them,” says Frank Buckley, managing director, Mumford & Wood.  “A significant number replied that the site was one of the best they currently use and almost everyone commented that you can never have too many images of beautiful projects or too much easily accessible technical data.”

The bespoke nature of Mumford & Wood’s Conservation™ products is supported with NBSPlus specifications and CAD section details in DWG and PDF file formats which are designed to make the specifying process as quick, easy and accurate as possible. 

“Ease of use is at the heart of this website’s design,” continues Mr Buckley, “and the tab system that has been adopted ensures that every piece of information relating to that specific product and its many options can be accessed with ease and efficiency.

“Everything that our customers have become used to finding on our website will be enhanced with a much wider image library with informative and technical content in a slick and professional format.  Once the enormous job of building a new website has been absorbed it is very easy to put it to one side and allow it to become out-of-date. But we now have a dedicated in-house web-driver who will ensure content is updated as soon as it becomes available, constantly modifying and updating to ensure specifiers have the very latest information to work with and end-users can view aspirational projects to help make their product selections.”

The Conservation™ Range of Timber Windows & Doors


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