Mumford & Wood is Carbon Smart Silver Certified

Mumford & Wood Take Environmental Responsibility with Carbon Smart Silver Certification

Mumford & Wood, manufacturer of Britain's finest timber windows and doors, is taking a proactive stance to address the company’s contribution to climate change. In doing so, Mumford & Wood has committed to the Carbon Smart programme and has achieved Silver certified acknowledgement of manufacturing and commercial standards.

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“Being Carbon Smart means taking an intelligent and flexible approach to reducing our carbon footprint,” says Mike Harris, managing director, Mumford & Wood Limited. “Our certification demonstrates the practical actions we have taken to actively reduce our environmental impact and our commitment to customers, staff and suppliers. We are implementing this performance as part of the everyday running of our business.”

In assessing Mumford & Wood’s carbon footprint, and to ensure that savings and efficiencies being put in place now are being accurately calculated, all aspects of the company’s actions have been and will continue to be evaluated. The treatment of waste, electricity consumption, staff engagement, consumables, vehicles and travel, marketing and data management have all been taken into consideration.

The company’s carbon footprint for the 12 months January to December 2014 calculates a carbon footprint of 888 tonnes CO₂e of which electricity generation, transmission and distribution has accounted for almost 70% of the total score. To understand the magnitude of this Mumford & Wood’s carbon footprint would fill a London double-deck bus 4,836 times a year.

“We have to make positive steps in reducing, for example, our electricity usage,” continues Mr Harris, “and we are planning a PV installation which will help instantly towards our carbon reduction target. Other items essentially under review are fleet travel and waste management.

In addressing fleet travel it is well established that 20% of UK emissions are generated by vehicles. Mumford & Wood is working with card fuel provider Allstar, under the Allstar Ecopoint scheme, and their partner Forest Carbon who together are creating new UK woodlands funded by a small monthly sum levied against each vehicle on the company’s fleet. These new woodlands are quality assured by the Government’s Woodland Carbon Code. The woodlands will not only capture CO₂e generated from vehicles – with each new tree absorbing up to 2kg of CO₂e per annum and a quarter of a tonne in its lifetime – and will contribute in so many other ways in the preservation of the environment and natural habitat.

“Of course we get a huge benefit out of our core activity in manufacturing and supplying our energy efficient windows and doors that, once delivered and installed, store carbon for at least 60 years. It has been calculated that last year alone some 274 tonnes of CO₂e was embodied in the timber we used in our manufacturing process, and this will be offset against that which we made,” says Mr Harris.

“We are committed to reducing the number of buses we fill each year and our aim now is to show a true reduction and accurately compare year on year performance. This will help us to retrieve the highest value from environmental reporting. At the same time it will help us gain a greater degree of certainty over the magnitude of environmental and financial rewards our sustainable business actions can achieve in future.”

The company aims to improve its Carbon Smart certification to Gold standard over the next 12-24 months.

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