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Expert: Tom Barfield, regional sales director, Mumford & Wood Limited

1. What should you be paying for a front door?
Well, as much as your budget will allow, for visual appeal, thermal and acoustic performance and, essentially, security. In fact a Mumford & Wood entrance door could be in the region of £4000, subject to specification and size.

2. What are the best materials for front doors?
Mumford & Wood only manufacture entrance doors from clear grade, engineered timber.

3. What woods are best for front doors (i.e. grains to water ingress, stability, etc.) and how much maintenance do wood doors require?
We make entrance doors predominantly from a combination of Larch, Red Grandis and Mahogany, all of which is 100% FSC certified. By modifying the timber we use we know it will not warp, twist or stick and will remain robust and stable. A regular maintenance programme will ensure your door remains in beautiful condition and is totally dependent on the orientation of the door, and its exposure.
Homebuilding & Renovating Expert advice
4. Are veneered wood front doors a better option?
No, not at all.

5. What U value should a front door meet?
U-values should be in accordance with current Part L Building Regulations. Our products out-perform current requirements and on-going improvements and modifications ensure Mumford & Wood stays ahead of the market.

6. Can you have a solid wood door and still create an airtight home? (considering that gaps are required to allow for shrinkage)
Made-to-order entrance doors by Mumford & Wood don’t shrink due to the process we put our timber through. Where glazing has been introduced into the design our standard specification glazed panels are Tough/Tough 4/16/4, argon filled with low E coating to ensure high thermal performance and no leakage of air.

Homebuilding & Renovating Expert advice7. Are there any front doors that meet Passivhaus standards?

Yes there are but we don’t make a product range to Passivhaus specifications.

8. What is the best type of lock for a front door? What key safety features have been introduced to increase security with front doors?
Our entrance doors feature a Secured by Design PAS 23/24 approved multi-point espagnolette locking system which provides the ultimate levels of strength and security for total peace of mind. We continue to test our products and are always improving their features.

9. What innovations are on the market regarding front doors? (i.e. fingerprint entry) And how expensive are these innovations, are they worth it and do they fail?
We will always work with specialist suppliers to incorporate the latest innovations when customers require a non-standard modification.

10. What kind of lead-in time can people expect with front doors? (at what stage of their project should people think about buying them?)
As our products are made-to-order homeowners must allow a 4-6 weeks lead time from order sign off. The more bespoke the design the longer manufacturing can take, for example adding decorative overhead and side fanlights. Selecting non-standard architectural ironmongery may also require additional time which we will advise at the point of quotation.

11. Finally, where do homeowners commonly go wrong when specifying new front doors?
Homeowners should do some research before making a selection and visit the manufacturer’s show rooms to experience the quality and operation of the products. Always check performance criteria and ensure the design correctly matches the architectural period of the property.

Homebuilding & Renovating Expert advice


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