Mumford & Wood Classic™ Range

Box Sash Windows


Otherwise known as the double hung sliding sash, The Classic™ Box Sash Window features individual 14mm double glazed slim profile units with true bars and a traditional external putty faced finish.

In the traditional way these made-to-order timber windows use cords, weights and pulleys to counter balance the sashes. The weights are housed in a ‘box’ created by the internal and external liners over sailing the frame on each side. Typically our Box Sash Windows would be set back in a ‘rebated reveal’ construction so that the box is mostly hidden by the external brick or stone. It can also be seen positioned close to the face of the brickwork with the box visible and dressed with an architrave.

The slim panel glazing system effectively reduces sight lines and is more in keeping with period aesthetics.

The Classic™ Range of Timber Windows & Doors

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