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Box Sash Windows



The modern day version of the classic Box Sash Window otherwise known as the double hung sliding sash. This window uses cords, weights and pulleys to counter balance the sashes in the traditional way with the weights housed in a ‘box’ created by the internal and external liners over sailing the frame on each side. We use lead or steel weights hung from pre tensioned cords which will not fray, stretch or discolour. If necessary, the weights can be accessed via pockets in the inner run of the frame for maintenance in the traditional way.

The Box Sash is equipped with our patented ‘click fit’ staff and parting bead which allows the sliding sashes to be easily removed for future maintenance and decoration. This simple but effective system means that the product can be maintained and redecorated throughout its long life without compromising the performance or operation of the window - this means no more sticking sashes that have been painted shut or weather seals spoilt by new paint.

The click fit system also offers benefits to the installation process – making heavy box sash window frames easier and much safer to handle when the sashes are removed.

Our Site Instruction, Aftercare and Warranty Manual has simple instructions showing how sashes are removed and replaced.

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